Green Bits Product

Built for the Back Office

Eliminate the complexity of inventory management, say goodbye to manual data entry, and increase the speed of product intake with a suite of products built for managing inventory.

  • Manage Inventory

    We help more than 1,000 dispensaries everyday with our robust tools for purchasing and receiving products, managing conversions and packaging, processing returns and destructions, and making transfers.

  • Audit Efficiently

    Green Bits adapts to your audit schedule and operations, all while automatically suggesting audits based on state rules, company policies, and store experience.

  • Automatically Update Online Menus

    Never manually update your Weedmaps, Leafly, Wikileaf, Baker, or springbig menus again. Everything will sync -- automatically.

Inventory Insights
Level up your business insights with metrics that help your business thrive. See real-time sales revenue, discover your top brands and products, find your best performing budtenders, and identify low-volume periods for headcount planning.
Audit Tools
With Green Bits, you can rest easy knowing that inventory counts are accurate in the event of a state inspection.
Menu Management
Green Bits offers a suite of menu integrations. New products will automatically appear on your menus and sold out stock will be automatically removed -- saving you countless hours.

The Station

The Station is a successful dispensary in the heart of downtown Basalt, Colorado, selling medical and recreational cannabis. The Station thrives under the management of Jaclyn Stafford.

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