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Built for the Compliance & Traceability

Since 2014, we’ve helped dispensaries eliminate their compliance and traceability worries. Our suite of compliance products and state reporting tools is second to none in any industry.

  • Get and Stay Compliant

    Green Bits will help you get and stay compliant. We’ve helped more than 1,000 dispensaries ensure their inventory and operations comply with all state rules and regulations.

  • Connect via State Link

    With our Manual State Link, you can upload all required data for state reporting to Metrc and other traceability systems with one click. If you want something easier, our Auto State Link will upload all the required data to Metrc and other traceability systems in real-time, automatically.

  • Gain a Proactive Partner

    At Green Bits, we have a Compliance Team, Engineering Team, and Support Team dedicated to keeping you compliant.

Built-In Compliance Controls
Green Bits offers all the tools you need to ensure compliant operations: transaction limits, age and ID verification, compliant receipts and labels, state and local tax profiles, and more.
Manual and Auto State Link
With our Manual and Auto State Link, manifests will import automatically, you’ll have cannabis-only filtered reporting, and either auto or one-click data uploads. We integrate seamlessly with Metrc, Leaf Data Systems, and BioTrackTHC.
Dedicated Compliance Team
Unique to Green Bits, our in-house Compliance Team is comprised of Compliance Experts, Engineers, and Designers. Compliance is core to our products, as well as our company. We’ll make sure you can rest easy when it comes to compliance.

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