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May 14-20, 2019 Dispensary Compliance Updates
May 22, 2019

By Brittany Radice

In California, lawmakers had hoped to temporarily lower the sales tax to 11% and suspend the cultivation taxes for 2 ½ years to help retailers compete with prices on the black market. The bill failed to clear the Assembly Appropriations Committee, meaning it is likely dead for the year. Bummer.

Also in California, Assembly Bill 1356 may override city and local bans on cannabis stores. However, this proposal is in direct conflict with Proposition 64, which expressly allowed local government to ban cannabis-related businesses entirely.

In Michigan, there’s a new Metrc bulletin that states on June 1st, 2019, licensees will be able to order unlimited amount of plant or package tags for each of their respective license types.

Also in Michigan, three dispensaries received licenses to deliver medical cannabis to homes – a move that signals the beginning of a new business opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs in the state.

In New Jersey, regulators issued new medical cannabis rulesaimed at increasing MMJ entrepreneurial opportunities, product supply, and access in a market that has more than doubled in patients since Governor Phil Murphy took office in January 2018.

In Oregon, the State Senate voted to legalize interstate cannabis imports and exports. A change in federal policy is required for the legislation’s provisions to take effect, but the vote itself is a first for any state.

In Washington, the release of Leaf Data Systems’ latest version has been advanced to June 6th. In late April, the WSLCB completed their automated regression testing of the Leaf API interface and manual testing of the “free” user interface. On May 1st, after nine rounds of back and forth with MJ Freeway, the agency celebrated deployment into the integrator testing environment. The code will remain in the third-party software provider test environment for 20 business days. In the absence of setbacks, the agency plans to enter a “quiet period” for five business days before launching release the newest version into production.

In Federal news, the FDA’s principal deputy commissioner and acting CIO posted several tweets about the agency’s efforts to formulate a regulatory strategy for CBD. 

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