Green Bits?

Everyday, the cannabis stigma is being broken. This is because of you. It’s proof that the education your dispensary provides to patients and customers is making a difference.

Since 2014, we’ve seen and experienced it all when it comes to cannabis retail. We know it’s challenging to maintain tight controls over inventory, provide the best customer experience, and make data-driven decisions, all while staying compliant.

Unfortunately, most dispensaries struggle with compliance. If you’re out of compliance, your license is at risk. And no license means no business.

At Green Bits, we’ve helped thousands of dispensaries succeed in a regulated environment. Our easy-to-use point of sale, proven compliance solutions, and reliable support team help dispensaries of every size thrive.

Whether you’re managing one store, or one hundred, you can count on the team at Green Bits. We’re your proven partner in the fastest growing industry in the United States.

Partner with us today and experience what cannabis technology should be like. We can’t wait to meet you.


When you adopt Green Bits as your POS, you gain a partner who has been leading the industry since 2014, guiding the conversation, and delivering the best technology for legal cannabis and retail management.

Effortless Sales

Green Bits software is easy to use and accurate, so budtenders ring up sales, chat with customers, and keep the line moving without missing a beat.


Keep track of every item in your store in real time. Green Bits tracks it all, from manifest to receipt, so you always know what’s in stock.

Trusted Security

Green Bits has SOC 2 certification and HackerOne-powered security, which means your data remains confidential

Expert Customer

Our super-friendly and smart Customer Support team is always available by chat, email, and phone. Green Bits University helps train your team and the Help Center provides 24/7 assistance.

Save Up
to $50,000

Automation eliminates the staff hours spent on tedious reconciliations and manual accounting. Over a year, the hours can add up to big savings.

  • Easy online menus
    Automatically publish to online menus like Leafly and Weedmaps. Customers will know you have their favorites in stock and where to find you.
  • Tax-savvy calculations
    Green Bits ensures the right customer gets the right taxation, even when a patient buys taxable goods with exempt products. We calculate for you.
  • Dispensary-specific auditing
    With Green Bits, you can rest easy knowing that inventory counts are accurate in the event of a state inspection.
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